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"I'll Be Darned!": A Message From My Mother On Her Birthday

ME: Mother, you're not going to believe it.

MILLIE: What, sweetie?

ME: You got 153 likes on my Happy Birthday post to you today!

MILLIE: Well I'll be darned!

ME: 153 people are sending good birthday wishes your way!

MILLIE: Isn't that nice!

ME: Sure is.

MILLIE: We don't think much about birthdays here.

ME: What do you mean?

MILLIE: We don't have birthdays anymore.

ME: But you'd be 92 today. Aren't you 92 where you are?

MILLIE: Not here. There is no age here. We don't think about it.

ME: What do you look like now?

MILLIE: I look however you remember me. ME: I remember you when you were somewhere around my age. MILLIE: That was a good age. ME: I find it to be a bit challenging. MILLIE: You're always looking at the negative. Don't look at the world that way. Enjoy where you are today. You'll look back on this age in 30 years and wish you were back there. ME: I miss you, Mother. MILLIE: No reason to miss me. I'm everywhere you are. ME: Do you hear me when I talk to you? MILLIE: Every day. ME: Are you guiding me? MILLIE: Can't you feel it? ME: Then where am I heading? Can you tell me? MILLIE: Oh, I can't tell you that. You have to find that out for yourself. ME: Well I'm glad you're still around. MILLIE: Tell your father I hear him when he talks to me, too. ME: He misses you a lot. MILLIE: I'll see him soon.

ME: Well, Happy Birthday, Mama. And thank you. For everything!

MILLIE: Thank you, sweetie. And thank everyone who thought about me today. ME: I will. I love you.

MILLIE: And I love you! More than you'll ever know. Oh, and one more thing...

ME: What's that?

MILLIE: Don't get a tattoo.


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