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TIY: How To Repurpose Concert Tees


If you're like me, you have a ton of concert t-shirts you've collected. Yeah, they're cool to wear, but sometimes they lose their luster, the fit isn't quite right, or you realize you just don't wear it as much as you'd like to. So what can you do? Repurpose it!

There are a ton of ways to repurpose your concert t-shirts, and here are some cool ideas:

1. Cut it up and turn it into a crop top. You can use some scissors to cut off the bottom and sleeves, and then tie the front into a knot for a super cute summer top.

2. Fringe it! Keep the shirt at its original length, or use the crop top cut above, and just add fringe to the bottom with scissors. Cut even strips around the whole shirt, pulling them down as you go to seal the cut. It's a great way to make a rockin' statement piece. And if you're REALLY ambitious, you can tie beads onto some of the fringes for some extra flair.

3. Turn it into a tank top. You can cut off the sleeves and the collar, and then cut off the bottom hem to make it a little shorter. Then, cut down the sides and tie them in knots to make a cute little tank top. Always tug at the areas you cut to seal the cut seams.

4. Use it as a workout shirt. You can cut off the sleeves and collar, and make it a little looser so you can wear it to the gym or for a run.

5. Use it as a wall decoration. You can use some thumbtacks to hang it up on your wall and add some color and personality to your room. Or cut out the band logo or t-shirt design, use some spray glue to spray it onto a piece of foam board, cut to a standard frame size. Get a cool frame for it and...Instant art!

6. Turn it into a tote bag. You can cut off the sleeves and the collar, and then sew the bottom and sides together to make a super cool tote bag to take to school or on the go. Or, you can cut out the t-shirt image in a square shape, get some two-sided iron-on adhesive from the craft store, and iron it on to a canvas tote bag! It instantly makes a bland bag...cooler!

7. Wear it as an oversized t-shirt dress. Wear it as-is or belt it. Slip a cute jacket over the dress, throw on some sneakers, boots or platforms, and you've got a comfy and stylish outfit.

8. Make a pillowcase out of it! Cut off the arms and collar. Sew it along three edges, leaving the bottom of the t-shirt unsewn. stick a pillow inside of it and you've got a rockin' pillow for your bed, chair or sofa.

9. Make a journal cover out of it. Fully open the book you want to cover. Place the journal over the t-shirt, to figure out which part of the shirt you want to use. Mark the shirt with chalk or fabric pencil for your cut lines. Leave about an inch all the way around the journal's edges. Use spray glue (in a well-ventilated area only, preferably outside, wearing a mask), or a glue stick to cover the book with glue. Carefully press the fabric onto the book cover, spine and back, making sure to roll out any lumps, bumps or wrinkles. Now you've got a keepsake journal that's one-of-a-kind!

10. Make a scarf! Cut the shirt in a circle around the body, or cut it in a spiral starting at the bottom. Make sure you're cutting it evenly - with about a 4-5 inch width. Once you get to the arms, you can snip the end off and...voila! You've got a rockin' scarf! Fringe the ends for some extra style, and accessorize some of the fringes with beads for a pop of color and texture.

So, don't let your concert t-shirts go to waste! Get creative and repurpose them into something new and exciting. Plus, you'll be able to keep the memories of the concert alive in a unique way.


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