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Lisa Goich is an award-winning copywriter, major market talk radio host, blogger, journalist and former stand-up comedian. Earning a journalism degree from Central Michigan University, she has spent her life dedicated to the written word, the spoken word and the arts. Lisa has worked for some of the biggest names and corporations in the literary and entertainment business, including Mitch Albom, Carole King, Robert Redford, ABC, The WB, CAA and Playboy. She has written ads for The American Red Cross, KFC, 7-Eleven and numerous TV and radio stations. As a talk radio host and producer, Lisa has worked for major market terrestrial radio stations: KFI AM 640 in Los Angeles (America’s #1 Talk Radio Station), the iconic WJR AM 760 in Detroit, KLSX/Los Angeles and KTLK/Los Angeles. Lisa currently serves as a senior project manager for the Jazz and Comedy genres of the GRAMMY Awards. Lisa’s first book, The Breakup Diary, was published in 2002. Her memoir, 14 Days (Savio Republic/Simon & Schuster), was published in 2015. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, musician Teddy Andreadis (Guns ‘n’ Roses, Carole King, Alice Cooper, Billy Bob Thornton), and their four rescue dogs. She and her Maltese mix, Angie, have worked with hospice patients and their families, helping to make their transitions to the other side a loving, bonding and peaceful experience.

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