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I Don’t Need to Ski Anymore

By: A Girl On The Go

One of the perks of aging? I don’t need to ski anymore. Well, to be perfectly honest, I never really did ski. I went skiing once, and ended up in the hospital with a bruised spleen. But that's not the point. The point is, I don’t need to FEEL I need to ski anymore. Or ride a roller coaster. Or go to a 4-day music festival where there are no proper bathrooms. Or drink until I'm drunk because everyone else around me is. I can say no. And people will understand because they’ll say, “She’s old. I get it. We'll go ski without her!" Gone are the days when I had to do things that bummed me out just because I felt I needed to in order to fit in. I fit fine where I am in my own skin. Standing on my own two feet. Without skis attached.

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