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To Our Fathers on Father's Day

By: Lisa Goich

A father's love is pure and strong.

A constant presence all life long.

A guiding hand, a listening ear,

A shoulder to cry on, always near.

A father's touch can protect and calm,

A soothing, safe and comforting balm.

A provider, a mentor, a teacher, a friend,

A support system until the end.

A father's wisdom is hard to find,

His jokes are always one of a kind.

He leads by example, he teaches us right,

He stays by our side, day and night.

A father may not always reveal his heart,

But his love for us will never part.

In every step we take in life,

With every struggle, every strife,

He's always there to prop us up,

To send us off and wish us luck.

So here's to all the fathers out there,

Who go the extra mile, to provide and care.

Thank you for your love, and showing us the way.

We wish you the happiest Father's Day.


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